You may need to get fillings at the dental office because you have some decay on a few of your teeth. If this is going to be your first time getting fillings, you might have some concerns about the fillings falling out of your mouth after they have been put in place to cover and protect the damaged teeth. Although fillings are used on the teeth as a permanent solution, there are times when they can fall out of the mouth, so it is good to know what you can do to keep those dental fillings in the best condition possible while taking good care of your teeth.

Skip the Gummy Candies

Eating certain treats could put you at risk of losing one of your fillings. Keep your fillings in place by skipping out on eating gummy candies. Anything that is too sticky could easily pull at the filling, eventually causing it to come out of your mouth. Your dentist may recommend that you avoid candy altogether because it is bad for the teeth. This includes hard candy, simply because you could have the urge to bite down on it, which could damage a filling.

Try Not to Eat Too Many Crunchy Foods

While you can still enjoy plenty of your favorite foods despite having fillings, you should try to avoid eating too many crunchy foods each day because those crunchy foods can lead to cracked and damaged fillings. If you are eating something that is extremely crunchy, and you end up cracking one of your fillings without realizing it, you may end up experiencing some random pain when brushing your teeth or even drinking something cold because that tooth will become more sensitive. Additional decay could start to accumulate underneath the tooth, causing more problems for you in the future.

Chew Lightly When You Eat

No matter what you are eating, whether it is something crunchy or something soft, you should chew lightly to avoid putting a lot of pressure on your teeth. If you are taking your time when you are chewing, you will lower your risk of unintentionally pulling a filling out while eating something you enjoy.

You may need to get fillings because you have some decay on a few of your teeth. Permanent fillings are the perfect solution because they are meant to last a long time while protecting the teeth and keeping them healthy. However, there are times when people experience fillings coming out. If you would like to keep your fillings in great condition while preventing them from falling out, you should avoid consuming candy and too many crunchy foods while making sure to chew your food rather softly.