When you're trying to find a new job, chances are you want everything to be just right. Your hair, clothes, and demeanor all say a lot about what kind of job candidate you are, but so do your teeth. If your teeth are less than perfect and have been having difficulty getting past the interview stage, they might be to blame. Here's how they could be impacting your experience and what to do about it.

How Employers Judge Candidates

You're not supposed to judge a person by their looks, but that doesn't mean that people don't do it. One recent study found that when looking for a potential employee, interviewers frequently looked down upon people who had teeth in poor shape. Whether those teeth were missing, out of alignment, or discolored, it left a negative impression on the interviewer or employers in question.

Unfortunately, not smiling isn't a quick fix, either. People with smiles that show their teeth are seen as more open and genuinely friendly, so a closed-lipped smile isn't ideal.

Changing Your Look is Easy

Getting a load of dental work done before trying to go to a job interview probably doesn't sound like a great idea to you. If you've already sent out your resume, you probably wouldn't have time to schedule intensive dental work. Thankfully, changing your look doesn't require a ton of time nor a massive investment.

Dental veneers are the fix that you're looking for. These thin layers of porcelain are shaped, sized, and colored to look exactly like real, healthy teeth. They can be adhered to your real teeth, giving them the appearance of a perfectly straight and white smile, even if your real teeth are far from perfect.

Getting Veneers

Getting veneers is as easy as visiting a cosmetic dentist. This type of dentist specializes in caring for the overall look of your smile. If you're interested in veneers, set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Once you come in for your appointment, your dentist and you will discuss the goals you have in mind. Your dentist will give you a thorough examination to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for veneers. If they are, your dentist will take the necessary measurements and discuss overall size and color of the veneers with you. Once you've decided on how your new teeth are going to look, the veneers will be ordered right away.

If you have an interview coming up soon, your dentist may be able to set you up with temporary veneers. While they won't be exactly like your permanent veneers, they can provide you with a straighter and whiter looking smile in the interim.

Once your permanent veneers arrive, your dentist will set them up for you. This step doesn't require drilling, as your dentist will be adhering them to your teeth with dental cement.

Veneers can make almost anyone's smile look as dazzling as a Hollywood star's in nearly no time at all. Talk to a cosmetic dentist such as one found at Cherry Hill Dentistry LLC, and get started on the process of unveiling a perfect smile to your next interviewer.