If you have issues with your natural teeth that have left you in a position where it would be best to have them all pulled, or you suffered an accident that has left you with none of your teeth, then you obviously can't go on like this. Leaving your mouth with no teeth can affect your life in many ways. Not only will you find it embarrassing to smile or even talk at all, but your speech will be significantly impacted, and there will be so many foods you are unable to eat that you may even become malnourished.

Leaving your mouth without teeth can also affect the bones in your face. Your entire lower face will take on a different appearance, and your jaw bones will become soft over time. You'll want to have all your teeth restored as soon as you possibly can. Here are some different ways to replace all of your teeth.

Have full dentures put in – Getting full dentures can't really be considered a full mouth restoration because the dentures don't become a permanent part of your mouth since they can be removed. However, they do the job of helping to maintain the correct shape of your mouth, and they give you teeth you can smile, talk and eat with. Many people opt for dentures due to their budgets and/or because getting them involves a much less invasive treatment plan. If you can't go with one of the other options at this moment in time, then you want to at least get dentures for now.

Dental implants – You can have dental implants put in to replace all your teeth if you have been proven to be a viable candidate. You must have good bone density in your jaw, not have conditions that make healing more difficult for you and be free of other health conditions that would affect the outcome. Implants can be put in as complete pieces or one by one, depending on what the dentist feels is best and what your budget allows for.

Dental bridges – In most cases, a dental bridge will use your natural teeth as anchors for the rest of the bridge. However, when you don't have any natural teeth left, the dentist will have to create some anchors by using dental implants strategically put in your jawbones. These implants will then become the anchoring teeth for the rest of the dental bridge.

The dental bridge will have teeth made to mimic the shape, size, spacing, and color of real teeth. An added bonus about this type of full mouth restoration is you can have a hand in choosing the shape and color of your new teeth. So, if you weren't happy with the look of your real teeth, this is your chance to finally be happy with your smile!

Sedation dentistry – One thing you do want to realize about full mouth restoration is it can be scary for anyone who is already prone to having a fear of the dentist. So, if you have been putting off getting work done due to such a fear, then you should bring your concerns up with the dentist. 

Ask them about sedation dentistry. This form of dentistry allows you to have the work done on your mouth while you are sedated, so you don't have to worry about being fully conscious and scared while they are working on your mouth. You will simply be sedated and then be when up once the work they are doing on you that day has been completed.

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