Are you in need of artificial teeth? Have you been trying to decide between getting dentures and dental implants? While each of these choices has its advantages, dentures are an option that gets widely chosen by many people. Each mouth is different, and you should always discuss your options with your dentist, like those at Dental Studios of MacArthur, before making a final decision, but there are several reasons why you might want to choose dentures over implants. A few of these reasons are:

No surgery: As you might expect after hearing the term dental implant, implants require surgery to add the necessary fastening posts to your mouth. Although recovery for this can be quick, not everyone is willing or able to go through with the surgery. Dentures, on the other hand, can be fitted as soon as your gums are healed from your last tooth extraction. If it's been a while since you last had any teeth pulled, you should be able to get dentures fitted immediately with no waiting time. Instead of having to wait even longer while your mouth heals from surgery, you could have new teeth waiting for you just a couple of weeks from now.

Lower cost: The cost of adding dental implants to your mouth isn't something that everyone can afford. Although insurance sometimes covers artificial teeth, sometimes these things are deemed "cosmetic," and you're stuck having to pay the full bill yourself. In this instance, affordability is going to be paramount. Dentures are a less-expensive investment for a similar result. Even if you still can't afford the full cost of dentures right now, many dentists will allow you to make payments on your new teeth. As a result, you won't have to wait months for you to save up the money necessary to purchase a new set of dentures.

Better fits: If one of the reasons why you're hesitating at the thought of getting dentures is because you've heard stories about how poorly they fit, hesitate no longer. Modern materials and manufacturing processes mean that today's dentures are not the same dentures that your grandparents would have had. Modern dentists often use a combination of both old-fashioned molds taken of your gums combined with computer imaging in order to make sure that your teeth look as realistic and give you as good a fit as possible. Instead of teeth that look awkward or that fall out, modern dentures should closely resemble your natural teeth.