If you've got a job interview lined up, chances are you're putting some work into presenting your best self there. A neat, professional outfit, a strong handshake, and a genuine smile can all go a long way to leaving a lasting impression on a potential employer. However, if that smile has less-than-white teeth, you might be missing a step in trying to land a job. Read on to learn how discolored teeth can be a disservice to yourself when you're trying to get hired.

People Prefer White Teeth

It's not just Hollywood that covets a perfectly white set of teeth. White teeth are preferred by most people, as they indicate health, wellness, and youth. Teeth appearing healthy and white is so important, in fact, that one study discovered that people who have white teeth are more successful in their professions than those who don't. This isn't just true of people who are in established careers, but also when showing up for a job interview. People with whitened teeth are more likely to be hired and are offered larger salaries, too. Although your teeth have no bearing on your qualifications and inherent skill, it's still something that's appreciated by job interviewers.

Not Showing Teeth Isn't a Good Alternative

If you're not feeling your best about your teeth, you might feel like all you need to do is smile with your lips closed. Unfortunately, this may not be as effective as you might hope.

Smiling with your teeth showing allows your entire face to smile. Smiles aren't limited solely to the mouth; the entire face, especially the muscles around the eyes, animate when someone is genuinely friendly or happy. Forcing yourself to keep your lips together can deaden other parts of your face, making it seem as though you're putting on a fake smile.

While hiding your teeth may help to prevent your interviewer from discovering that your teeth aren't great-looking, it won't win you any favors to hide them entirely, either.

See a Dentist

Many at-home solutions for whitening teeth do work, but if you've already got an interview scheduled, you need to get your teeth white fast. At-home whitening gels, strips, and toothpaste typically provide results over a long period of time. If they promise to guarantee fast results, it could put your oral health at risk by weakening your enamel or harming your gums with abrasive tooth whitening substances.

Instead, visit your dentist. Dentists can whiten teeth rapidly and safely since the procedure is performed under their strict guidance and control. Dentists take special care to avoid applying tooth whitening formulas to the gumline, and they can ensure that your teeth are healthy prior to whitening them so that any weakened enamel won't be further damaged.

If you've already put time and money into having the best job interview possible, make sure that you haven't left your teeth out of the equation. Talk to a dental office like Pike Dentistry to get your teeth whitened in time for your interview.