It is important to make sure that you know when you need to make a call to your dentist for a prompt appointment. To help you determine when you should make that phone call, you will want to check out the following signs that may indicate a major dental problem.

Throbbing Pain In Your Tooth

The throbbing pain may be so intense that it feels like the tooth itself must be visibly pulsating, but it won't actually move—it will just feel like it is. However, this throbbing pain may very well be a sign that you have a major infection brewing within one or more of your teeth. The infection itself does not hurt, but when it moves or grows larger and begins to put pressure on the nerves in your teeth, that is when you are going to really feel the pain.

You Popped A Pimple On Your Gums

It is important to know that the gums are not usually a place you will find a standard pimple, like you would find on your face. Therefore, should you happen to find that you have a pimple on your gums, you need to quickly set an appointment with a dentist. This is because it is not a standard pimple, it is an infection that is building up within your gum line. Once the infection grows to a certain point, it needs to find a way to escape in order to release some of the pressure. This is where that pimple-like thing appeared. Even if you think that you cleared all of the infection out, you most likely did not and will need the assistance of a skilled dentist to make sure that the infection does not get worse and cause you further problems.

Sensitivity To The Cold

In extreme cases, cold food and drinks can cause a person to end up in a lot of pain. If you do not want to find yourself in that position, you will want to make an appointment with your trusted dentist. You may simply need to be given a higher quality toothpaste in order to prevent your teeth from being sensitive to the cold, but you must have a dentist look over your teeth to make sure that there is not a serious problem taking place.

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