If you've got teeth that are noticeably less than perfect, you might be thinking of getting different procedures done to make your teeth look better. However, you may be able to take care of a number of these procedures by having veneers added instead. These cosmetic covers can fix quite a lot of problems, but there are times when they are either inappropriate or have to be used in combination with other procedures. Here's a look at when veneers would be a viable option.

Crooked Teeth

Good news: You don't always need to get braces to straighten out crooked teeth. If your teeth are just sort of crooked, maybe a little misaligned, but not overlapping or definitely pointing in front of or in back of the rest of your teeth, veneers can make those teeth look straight immediately. If you do have issues like overlapping teeth, overbites, or other very noticeable issues, then you're better off getting braces to move the teeth into place.


Whether or not you can cover a gap depends on the size of the gap. Small gaps caused by having small teeth could be great candidates for veneers, which would also make your small teeth look more normal-sized. However, you'd have to take into account how that would make the rest of your teeth look, at least the ones in front. It may be better to add veneers to those as well so that your smile looks even.

If the gap is relatively large and the teeth on either side are of a normal size, adding a veneer to each could make those teeth look too wide. In this case, using braces to close the gap is likely easier.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

If the chip or crack is severe and exposing the pulp of the tooth, you've got to get the chip or crack fixed first before looking at veneers. You could use a veneer after the main chip or crack is fixed to cover any leftover lines, but a veneer shouldn't substitute for the actual layer of enamel that protects the inside of your tooth. If the crack or chip is minor, though, like a craze line that is mainly cosmetic, a veneer would be perfect.

If you'd like to see if your teeth could benefit from veneers instead of other procedures, talk to your dentist. Veneers last a long time, so get as much information up front as you can to ensure you make the right decision. Contact a company like Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc to get started.