Getting braces isn't necessarily a fun experience, but it can be painless and comfortable if you pick the right type of braces. However, the right type will vary quite a bit, depending on your personal interests and needs. To help you come to an informed decision about the future of your teeth, here is a comparison of ceramic and plastic braces:

What are ceramic braces?

With a set of ceramic braces, you are getting a series of ceramic plates that span the front of your teeth. In many cases, the plates are joined via a thin metal wire that runs horizontally across your teeth. This wire may or may not be very visible, depending entirely on its coloration.

These are not removable, meaning that you will need to wear them all the time. If they need to be adjusted or if you develop a problem, you should immediately contact your orthodontist, since you will be unable to work on your braces on your own.

What are plastic braces?

On the other hand, you have plastic braces, which can be removed at will. This means that you can take them out of your mouth whenever you want, such as to eat a specific food or if you just want to give your mouth a rest.

On top of being removable, they are also disposable. This means that you will throw out each individual set of plastic braces after they have been used for the specified period of time, which is usually two weeks. You will progress through a series of these units, with each one adjusting your teeth a little more. The idea is that your teeth will eventually reach an ideal position, as is the goal with all braces.

How much does each option cost?

Exact prices can vary quite a bit on your insurance and your specific orthodontist, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $4000 and $8000 for ceramic braces and between $4000 and $7400 for plastic braces.

This means that they are fairly comparable in price, so you will need to pick the option that works best for you. Plastic braces might not be able to fully correct your teeth, which is where ceramic braces might be more appealing. However, if you want the freedom of being able to remove your braces at will, then plastic is certainly the best option for you. Contact a dentist, like Kyle J Frisinger DMD, for more help.