Getting a dental crown is an expensive -- but often necessary -- procedure. Many patients wonder how long the crown will last and if it will be worth the investment. If the tooth is in the back section of the mouth, they may consider having it pulled if the crown isn't going to last quite a while.

Necessity of a Crown                                                                                                   

Many consumers talk about having their teeth capped. This is simply another term for a dental crown. It is referred to in this manner because the crown is a thin covering over the portion of the tooth that is visible to the eye. The reasons to get a crown include:

  1. Dental restoration to cover a tooth that is compromised or broken.
  2. Modifying the tooth cosmetically by covering a tooth that is discolored or has a large filling.
  3. Covering an implant or anchoring a dental bridge.

Longevity of Crowns

Often, the longevity depends on the material in the dental crown. If the crown is made of metal, it may last a few decades due to the durability of the material. These are generally used on the back teeth because of the color. Dental crowns made of porcelain or ceramic are a wise choice if you are allergic to certain metals. They are also the best choice for your front teeth since the color can be closely matched to the surrounding teeth. These crowns typically last at least 7 years or longer, if you take care of them.

Paying for the Dental Work

If you don't have dental insurance, many dentists allow you to make a deposit and then make payments each month until the remaining balance is paid off. If you have insurance, some only cover about half the cost of the procedure. Call your insurance company to determine what it covers.

Protecting Your Investment

See your dentist every 6 months to ensure that your crown lasts as long as possible. Schedule a visit immediately if the cap feels loose, if it becomes chipped, or you experience sensitivity or pain. Practice appropriate oral hygiene to protect your investment. Do this by using dental floss once a day and brushing twice each day.

Although getting a dental crown is a costly investment, no one will be able to detect that you had work done, unless the crown is metal and on one of your back teeth. Even then, it won't be visible during normal conversation. Protecting your tooth with this procedure is an effective way to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and strong, and that is definitely worth the price.

Talk with a dentist, such as those at Bae & Bae Family Denistry, for more information about dental crowns and if one can improve your oral health today.