If you have missing teeth, the best solution will be to replace them with dentures. Dentures can restore or bring back your ability to chew and bring back the confidence in your smile. Improve your overall look with dentures whether you only have a few teeth or the whole set of teeth to be replaced.

There are two basic parts of dentures: the pink acrylic base and the artificial teeth. For extra strength and support, porcelain and metals may be attached or used.

Considering the available technology today, a number of combinations of color, size, shape and style can be customized to give the patient the smile that he or she wants in the denture without compromising on the quality of the denture. The best kinds of dentures are the ones that fit naturally such that other people will not even realize that you are wearing dentures until you tell them so.

The secret to having great dentures is having them fit perfectly. If your dentures do not fit properly, you will certainly feel there is something amiss as you will not have the necessary suction to hold the dentures in place. Dentures need time, patience and regular visits to the denturists to come up with the best design of dentures that you will need.

When the process is going on, ask your denturist all the necessary questions as much as possible in order to make the most out of dentures. You also do not have to be shy or afraid to tell the denturist your likes and dislikes about the dentures because after all this process, you are the one who will be wearing them.

The transition from natural teeth to dentures will need some time before you get used to them. Speech problems at the start may be encountered but they can be overcome as the fit of the dentures becomes more and more natural for you. Also, chewing may need some practice.

Proper dental hygiene and proper cleaning of the dentures can reduce the appearance of sore spots and other problems. You also have to give your gums time to breathe, so remove your dentures at night before sleeping. Then, put them in a glass of water so that they will not dry out and shrink. You can ask your denturist to make adjustments in case your dentures do not fit properly.

Dentures can provide patients with cosmetic benefits such as filling out sunken cheeks, reducing the wrinkles around your mouth and making you look younger.

With the available modern technology at clinics like Charlottesville Dental Medicine at Forest Lakes, the notion that dentures are just false teeth may not be right anymore as they can enhance your look and give you back your smile.